I am Nathaniel, and this is where I let my true colors show. I am currently 19 years old and have an obsession with dark potentially disturbing things. I love gore and am obsessed with body modifications. I am a Satanist, love to read books and have a great appreciation for art. Feel free to approach me with questions, anon or not, I will answer truthfully.
Anonymous asked: How'd you know? I'm surprised you even remembered xD I actually don't remember how I found this honestly lol I just wanted to say hi :B *waves*


Oh I see how it is, creep up on me then not want to fully talk. =w= Hello in return, however. Why would I not want to know that it was you?

Anonymous asked: Fine, i'm Valerie, dunno if you remember me or not. It's been a long time. o.o Remember Kevin? He said he saw you at Jewel. I didn't think you were even still around here haha


I KNEW IT! xD You were my first guess actually. o.o

Yeah he saw me and I said hi but he didn’t say anything, just walked away. Figured he didn’t like me anymore. How on earth did you find me on here?

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When did loving yourself become so rare, that it’s revolutionary to do so?


everyone who reblogs this will get a watercolor bird painting because I need to paint more birds

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Anonymous asked: That's true. It was fun seeing friends everyday. You were fun to hang with. It was nice talking to you again Nathaniel :)


You can’t just tease me like this!!! ;w;

Well seeing as you’re grammar isn’t horrendous that really narrows down who it could be, as sad as that is. owo’ If you tell me/come off anon then we can actually talk, how about it? >w>

Anonymous asked: Hmmm iiiinteresting. >.> You shall never know my name! (No seriously you don't wanna know ._.) Do you ever miss hell- *ahem* I mean high school?


No seriously I DO want to know~

Do I miss high school? Kind of yeah, it was easy and just a good way to talk to friends. Too bad 90% of people in your life disappear once you’re out.

Anonymous asked: Hey I know you! You probably don't remember me though. I used to go to school with you :o my friend says you work at Jewel, do you still work there?


Oh do you? xD I might, if you have a name and weren’t anon… >w>

Yeah I work there, night crew to be exact. o: Who the hell is this? xD

Anonymous asked: Why do you hide?


I wasn’t aware that I was hiding. o.o

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The moon is like a giant ball of crumpled up paper full of everyone’s crappy writings and poetry.